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Last updateFri, 03 May 2013 10am

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NGO Strengths

There are different types of NGOs. Some play mono role and some multiple roles. In general most of the goods NGOs have the following strength.

  • NGOs are value centred. They work for constructing a value based society.
  • NGOs are know their commitment to serve the poor voluntarily
  • NGO workers are endowed with missionary zeal and commitment.
  • They live with the people.
  • They work for and with the people.
  • They are quicker in decision making and they are timely in action.
  • They work for people’s cause altruistically and untiringly. Their work is not clock-bound.
  • They are the social psychologists to look into the pains and sufferings of the disadvantaged.
  • NGOs encourage the people that people’s development is people’s business and facilitate them to do things by themselves.
  • NGOs spend a good deal of their time and energy in people’s preparedness to ensurenthat they are psycho-socially equipped to carryout their programmes.
  • NGOs can prevent mighty macro forces from doing injustice to the impoverished in the name of globalization, modernization, standardization etc. by addressing issues and their consequences though lobbying and advocacying.
  • Good NGOs are governed by high ideals and principles.
  • Good NGOs would not compromise to any unethical things. It is a pride for the voluntary sector that certain NGOs do flatly say ‘no’ to funding agencies if undesirable ideologies are imposed.
  • NGOs are the care-takers of the grass root strata of the society.
  • NGOs specialized in social mobilization. NGOs are with the people . people are with the NGOs. In fact they are both with one another. That is why NGOs have a solemn command over the people and they occupy special room in the hearts of the people. The truth of they occupy special room in the heart of the people. The truth of the fact is that people believe NGOs as the formar is the latter’s priority.
  • They are the agents of social change. They work for social transformation.
  • They serve the downtrodden unmindful of their pains and inconveniences.
  • People are their prime subject matter.Their plans and programmes are people –centred.
    • People’s development is their prime objective.
    • People’s involvement is their paramount concern and
    • People’s management is their ultimate destination.
  • NGOs are specialists in community organization.
  • They effectively motivate the people to take up their community roles.
  • Process- orientation is the sine-qua-non of professional NGOs, target is not their target but the process involved in any programme does matter to them.
  • NGOs persons are highly motivated to motivate the unprivileged and down trodden.
  • They organize and unorganized communities and reorganize the disorganize communities.
  • NGOs are strong in their principles. They do not yield to inferior practices.

For example:

A popular NGO in tamil nadu has a cettle-feed mixing unit. The feed was sold to farmers at a reasonable price. As per the government’s law, sales tax at the rate of 4 % was collected from the farmers. The government reduced the rate of sales tax 3% on a particular month. Unaware of this reduction in sales tax, the unit staff continued to sell, collecting 4% tax and remitted the same amount to the government. This was noticed during checking. The government officials levied a fine of RS.15,000 upon the feed mixing unit for the act of collection excess tax. While the statutory action was on its process on one hand, some element approached the chief functionary of the NGO to grease their palms with RS.1,000 i.e. 1/15th of the actual fine so they could evade the fine. Great thanks and regard to the functionary that he asserted that the organization would rather be happy to pay RS.15,000 as fine than a single rupee as a misfavour. The cold element could not pocked the insult and left the place. The NGO paid the fine as per government’s instruction and feed mixing was set running. This is a good lesson for the other NGOs that whether big or small in size, sound or feeble in funds, long or short in experience, they must stand for the right ends without getting yielded to wrong means.

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